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Jessica’s Mom Marie Joins the Show!!!

WOW!! We received a BIG Surprise on our last show (9-3-07) when we received a call from Marie (aka Jessica’s Mom)!!  We were thrilled to have her call in and she gave us all the new information and her thoughts and opinions concerning Jessica, Eric and all the houseguests as well as the game and the possible eviction of Jessica this week!  It was a great show and if you missed it, it is playing at the show page and you can even download it as a podcast…Check it Out!!

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Thanks Carol for Joining Our Show!!!

A Big Thank You to Carol Journey for being on our (8-27-07) show.  She was a great guest and we appreciate her taking the time to join us!  If you missed it LIVE, it is currently playing at our show page in the archive section!  You will want to check it out..HERE!!!Carol gave us lots of insider info and her thoughts on the other houseguests as well as telling us about her Big Brother experiences!!!

Thanks Carol and keep in touch!!!

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Monday’s Special Guest

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Be sure to join us tonight at 9pm est for our LIVE show where we will again be discussing all that is happening in the Big Brother House…

We will also be announcing the identity of our Special Guest that will be on our 8-27-07 show…YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Join us tonight!!
9pm est. / 8pm cst
Call in # 646-478-5745
Yahoo Messenger — ItsYourShow & SashaLee621

Also join us in our chatroom during the show located at the shows webpage

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Back into the 21st Century

Well I am happy to say that I am finally back online and able to get back to business. What a trying few days this has been! I have to start by saying that I hate my cable company and I wish there were some other alternatives, but for now I have to just take it and smile. These companies are the worst! Not only do they over-charge you, but then the stick it to you every chance they get, because they know they are the only game in town…I HATE MY CABLE COMPANY!!!!

O.K. I feel better now….

Monday’s show went very well…we had a lot of Instant Messages from our GREAT listeners and Sasha and I covered a lot of Big Brother Info….Sasha also did a great job running the controls that night, since I was unable to get online.

I won’t get into too many details, but to say that there is a lot going on this week and this Monday’s show should be a great one with a lot to discuss. Especially with all that is going on concerning Eric. We are also trying hard to get some other great guests lined up for the show…so keep listening..

Let me again thank all of the listeners out there for making this such a great and fun show…and don’t forget that every Monday Night at 9pm est/ 8pm cst…we are YOUR LIVE BIG BROTHER TALK SHOW!!!

We continue to get lots of Instant Messages and folks participating in our chat room, but we would really love to get more of you on the phones with us LIVE!!

Until then..

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What a great show last night, if you missed it LIVE, you need to visit my show page and take a listen!

We had a great time last night and a BIG Thank You to Joel aka Jessica’s dad for taking time to join us LIVE on the show. He was a great guest and we enjoyed having him. I would also like to thank Marie aka Jessica’s mom for setting it up. I have to say that from what I have seen, these are wonderful people and have been a real joy to work with.

Joel answered a lot of questions last night from both Sasha and myself as well as from all of our listeners. There were a lot of people in our chat room as well as those who sent me Instant Messages during the show. We were given a glimpse into Jessica’s life in and out of the Big Brother house as well as how the whole process works from applying to getting in the house. Joel also explained to us how he is able to keep up on his daughter’s well being by watching the live feeds as well as speaking with show producers weekly. He also discussed her relationships in the house with Jameeka, Eric, Kail, and Dick as well as who he hopes will be evicted and who he hopes goes to the end.

We also learned that Jessica’s brother Dean is currently overseas with the Marines and is expected to return home in late August. Our prayers go out to them for his safe return and we also wish to express our gratitude for what he is doing.

There is way to much to post here, so I encourage you to take some time and listen to the show. If you want to download it or download it directly to Itunes as a podcast, or just listen to it later, visit the show page at It’s Your Show

We are working on getting some other great guests for our upcoming shows as we will be talking Big Brother until the season finale, so join us EVERY Monday Night at 9pm est

Till Then Listen…Call…Participate
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Supporting BB All Star Howie’s Bekah

I am happy to announce that I have spoken with the great ladies at Pebble Creek Gifts and they are going to donate the proceeds of their August sales to Big Brother Al-Stars Howie’s special cause to help Bekah.

You have undoubtedly seen the many auction items etc for this great cause, for example you can bid at ebay for a phone call with current houseguest Jessica after she leaves the house.

Pebble Creek Gifts has graciously agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds from the entire month of August to this GREAT Cause. All you need to do is click on the link below to visit their myspace and email them a request for their new Christmas catalog. When you place an order be sure to indicate that it is to help out with the Bekah fund and they will donate 100% of your purchase to Howie’s cause.

It doesn’t get any easier than that…You get great gifts at great prices and all the money helps that precious little girl. PLEASE visit the Pebble Creek page and request their Christmas catalog and help this little girl out….

Together we can all raise the necessary money to help out this precious girl!

Thank You,

Visit: Pebble Creek Gifts MySpace

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Big Brother Houseguest’s Dad to be LIVE Guest

We had another great show last night as we discussed everything Big Brother. We got everyone caught up on what has been happening this week in the Big Brother House. No issue was spared, as we discussed everything from Zach’s naked sprint to the pool to Nick’s top 5 men list.

Zach has been taking quite a beating across the Internet as the pictures are posted and comments on his “ability” or lack of are posted everywhere. Nick has admitted in detail to his interest in his top 5 men as well as a video on youtube that shows him admitting to Joe that he has performed with another man. All of this while he is trying to get closer to Daniele, who is feeling the pinch between Nick and her boyfriend. She had a conversation with her dad about the whole issue and even said she wanted to leave so she didn’t hurt anyone. Let’s not forget the turmoil that Dick has stirred up by calling out Kail and the infamous shot of a nude Amber as she stepped from the tub and wrapped her towel that was shown live on Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark. We discussed some spoilers as it was revealed that Jen used her POV and Mike was put up in her place and the vandalizing done by America’s Player Eric involving mustard. Some also wondered if there was a budget cut since the HoH room is not as nice as years past and the fact that Jameka’s Birthday was less than an elegant celebration.

We had several Instant Messages and guests in our chat room during the show and we thank you for your contributions to the show. We invite everyone to continue to join us and we would love to hear what you think so call us LIVE during the show and be heard!

Make sure you join us Monday 7-30-07 when we welcome Jessica’s Dad to the show, where he will discuss his daughter in the Big Brother House and take your calls!!!

Till then Listen…Call…Participate

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Big Brother on Our Next Show Monday 7-23-07

Our Next Show!

This week on BlogTalkRadio Tod, Tony, and Sasha will be talking about BIG BROTHER 8. We want you to call in with your opinions on the show and this years cast. Call us up and tell us who you love and who you hate. Tell us who you want to see win or get evicted. We want to hear it all from you the viewers, you know you have an opinion so stop talking to the tv and talk to us!!!
So here is the info:
Instant Messager: itsyourshow & tonyf169
Date and Time: Monday Night at 9PM EST
Call In Number (646) 478-5745
Make sure you give us a call this Monday!
We want to hear from you!!!
Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

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Last Night’s Show (7-16-07)

We were very happy to have Sasha join the show as our newest member of our Team. She will be joining Tony & Tod every Monday Night

Sasha started her new segment of Sasha’s Corner by asking you to call in and share you worst dating experiences with us on the show. We did have a brave caller who shared a very humorous story of having a date with a man who removed his teeth during the date and set them on the table. I know you are thinking wow that must have been an old guy…WRONG! It was a man in his 20’s and yes this was the first and only date she ever had with him.

We were then surprised by a phone call from our good friend and fellow blogtalkradio host Sylvia Douche. Sylvia stopped by to chat with us and share a story or two as well. She also announced on our show that she has a very special guest appearing on her show this Thursday Night at 10pm est. Sylvia will be welcoming none other than Roseanne Barr. Visit Sylvia and get all of the details and be sure to listen to her this Thursday Night (7-19-07)!

We are currently working on a lot of new things for our future shows, so keep up to date with all of our upcoming shows by checking back to my blogs.

I would also like to thank all of you who listen, Instant Message, visit our chat room, and especially those who call us during our LIVE Shows. You are what keeps this fun and keeps us going and we appreciate everyone of you!!!

One last note…I am inviting everyone to join me at YUWIE. This is a new site just like MySpace and it is BRAND NEW and it is sharing it’s advertising revenues with all of us!

I also ask that when you visit any of my pages that you sign my guest book and leave me a voicemail…IT’S ALL FREE!!!

Until Next Time


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